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Our Story

The Story

The natural balance of the planet is in danger. Humans are ignoring sustainable development and the protection of all animals. Hunting, pollution, puppy mills, dog fighting, and greed have all been targeted as the root of shrinking wild and domestic animal populations. This human activity has affected everything from sustainability to biodiversity. It is the duty of the humans of earth to correct this injustice. We provide an opportunity to support saving threatened animals through fashion.

Our Mission

IMAD has four goals:

  • To assist in the preservation of animal life by donating a portion of sales to the Animal Welfare Institute
  • To increase public knowledge of vulnerable animals through fashion
  • To promote domestic engineering through US factories*
  • To preserve the future of the planet through sustainable production

IMAD believes in one idea - MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

Why Endangered Animals?

Why Endangered Animals?

Can you imagine a world without elephants? How about the disappearance of Can you imagine a world without elephants? What about the disappearance of tigers? If humans do not step in and begin making positive changes to the environment, these animals, and many more, will become extinct. IMAD hopes to impact a positive change and inspire others through its jewelry.

Why Gemstones?

Why Gemstones?

Not only are gemstones beautiful to add to any jewelry, but also each gemstone has a different meaning. Amethyst is used for calming, Pyrite brings about empowerment, Quartz is pure, and Celestite brings balance.

Why Dogs?

Why Dogs?

Dogs are our best friends! Our companion animals can be threatened by humans just as much as wild animals. We can change the future for all dogs through education and supporting rescue efforts. Plus, who doesn’t love representing their fur baby?

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